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  Hello. It's Kyra Jane here to tell you a little of the story behind starting this brand. I have always loved design whether it be graphic, interior, or clothing, and in all these areas I am drawn to clean lines, earthy tones, and natural fibers. I started sewing at a young age since the art of clothes making has been in my family for generations. My grandmother, Patricia Jane, had her own linen clothing line for many years. She has such a talent - from drafting patterns, to the actual piecing together of cloth. She passed along her love of this beautiful fabric and her middle name to me, Kyra Jane. I hope I make her proud.

  I am so excited to be a small business offering ethically made and thoughtfully designed clothing. The shift happening in people's minds about how and where their clothing is made is something I am passionate about being a part of.

  My intention for this line is simple. Quality, minimal pieces that you will wear and love for years. I want these pieces to feel like they were made just for you, so if you have special size requirements, please reach out to me via email. Thank you for following along and supporting my dreams.