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Kyra Jane Clothing focuses on making minimally designed linen clothing for daily wear. Each piece is made to order with the option to customize sleeve and skirt lengths. We use the highest quality linen to create long lasting, staple pieces.



We use the highest quality 100% linen for every Kyra Jane design. This linen is produced in small batches by a mill in Europe. Linen is a sustainable natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is hardworking and lasts for many years when cared for correctly. It is more moisture wicking than cotton, which makes it perfect for warm weather, but when layered, linen also is a cozy fabric for the cooler seasons. Naturally antibacterial, linen only gets softer with washing and will quickly become your favorite fabric to wear.



Our mission is to provide a source for ethically made, quality pieces for the minimalist closet. Great care is taken when sewing your orders because we believe that clothing made with strong natural fibers and timeless design is the key to a working, sustainable closet.

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